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Anime Cartoon Asian Snack Box Japanese Taiwan Candy Soda Birthday Valentine Lunar Year Holiday

Anime Cartoon Asian Snack Box Japanese Taiwan Candy Soda Birthday Valentine Lunar Year Holiday

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Limited time only as Quantities are limited. Orders placed from April 1- June 5 Get FREE Anime keychains. 

Perfect for gifting to loved ones or even yourself Majority of the snacks will be from Japan but there may be snacks from the following countries Korean/Taiwan/Thailand/ETC included. Extra Snacks/candies will be included


15pcs- 1 full size snack and small size snacks (1pcs Keychain)

25pcs - 1 with 1-2 full size snacks and bite sizes and small snacks/candies (LIMITED TIME ONLY, 2pcs KEYCHAINS)

40pcs- 2 drinks with 3-4 Full size snacks and bite size/small snacks/candies (LIMITED TIME ONLY, 2-3pcs KEYCHAINS)

84pcs- 3 drinks with 5-6 Full size snacks, Exotic Kit Kats and small sized Snacks/candies (LIMITED TIME ONLY 3-4pcs KEYCHAINS)

Drinks may be dragon ball Soda, Ramune or other Japanese drinks.

Please contact us if you have an preference otherwise will be chosen in random. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions! Please know your own risks as allergy information may varies depending on the countries. Free priority mail shipping for orders above 35$ for US orders only.

Shipping & Returns

Packs and prepare for shipment within 2-3 business days

- US Shipping - Free Priority Mail Shipping for orders 35$+
- Canada shipping - UPS

- International shippings- Different rates applies depending on order weigh and shipping rates.

No Returns on Food Items, All Sales are final.
However please reach out to us for any problems and we are happy to help!

Care Instructions

Chocolate items may be melted during shipping. Please refrigerated the chocolates snacks/candies before consuming.

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